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We are glad to offer you a full package of real estate service.

This package gives you the chance transfer your real estate in reliable hands.

This service can be given in Antalya, Kemer, Goynuk, Camyuva, Tekirova for the period of 1 year, signing the service agreement.

List of services in the package:

Key on storage

We take on storage in the safe two copies of your keys. Keys can be used by the authorized employee for service or repair in your house. Keys will be transferred your visitors only after written acknowledgement from you.

Regular visits to your real estate

On a regular basis every month we will visit your real estate: to check to the sanitary technician, toilets, to air premises, and also to check balconies and terraces, to water flowers. In case of finding malfunctions, they will be reported to you. After your approval the malfunction will be fixed by the specialist. The bill will be paid by the owner of real estate.

Official taxes and payment of the invoices

While you absent invoices for electricity, water, taxes to real estate and other will be paid on a regular basis.


We will check your mail box. If necessary will resend letters to the desirable address.

Repair and real estate restoration

In a case if repair or small repair work is required in your house, we will provide you with experienced professional workers.

Meeting of real estate owners

Upon your request we can take part in Meeting of Proprietors on behalf of you. When it is finished we’ll report you in details.

Advice on insurance

We are going to help you with choosing the best insurance plan for your real estate. If the insured event happens we’ll undertake all necessary correspondence with the insurance company.


Preparation for your vacation

Before your arrival we will check up for electricity, water and gas in your house once again. Upon your request we can organize general cleaning in your house (additional payment).

Meeting at the airport

If you own the Package of Services once a year we provide you with one free meeting at the airport. But you can also order a meeting at the airport with us at the additional charge.

Rent a car

Upon your request we can book a car for you for the whole stay. When you come for vacation the car will wait by your house (additional charge).

Rent out of apartment or house

Upon special inquiry we can rent out your real estate during your absence. Money received from rental can cover the most part of expenses on services for real estate.


Cost for the Package of Services:



For those as additional services (cleaning, electricity, water) a deposit will be taken and signed a year agreement.

After expiration of the agreement the full calculation will be made. The remained sum will be returned according to the paid bills.

Services can be paid by bank transfer or direct in the company office.

Accept for the regular visits to your house, all the additional visits will be done upon request and additionally paid.

Ekol Emlak İnşaat company offers professional cleaning services.

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