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Goynuk is a very cozy and beautiful place, calling as “a fertile valley in a place of sky-blue compound”. This was called so by the Turkmen nomads, who decided to settle here in the eleventh century. And today Goynuk is always beautiful. Located near Antalya, this resort town attracts travelers by its beautiful scenery, warm and clean sea, high-class hotels and plenty of entertainment for any taste. Visiting Goynuk, you will be charmed by the Taurus Mountains, which are very close to the sea, forming a fantastic valley and rocks, as well as by the picturesque valley of the river Goynuk, in the valleys grow fragrant orange and pomegranate trees. Strolling along the river, be sure to visit the beautiful waterfall, in which turtles live and even sometimes set on dry land warm. Near the waterfall is a mysterious valley, reaching a height of three hundred and fifty meters. If you love the thrill, take a dizzying descent down the river on rafts under the guidance of an experienced instructor or go on jeep safari on mountain roads. Clean warm sea of Goynuk village is famous for its clear emerald water and has a maritime walks and water activities. A vacation at the beach will be even more comfortable, thanks to the proximity of Taurus Mountains, which protect against excessive heat. Here you can visit discos, restaurants with a wide choice of delicious dishes, as well as numerous shops and souvenir shops. And be sure to visit a local water park – it gives real pleasure to children and adults.

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