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If you search for the house for rest or residing, or a possibility for investments, Ekol Emlak İnşaat Company with a team of professionals will help you to make a decision. There are two ways to choose:

1) You inform us about your arrival dates in Kemer, and we organize for you reservation in hotel and tickets. Real estate consultants will give you full information about the region and will acquaint you with portfolio of real estate. Without any obligations and pressure we will help you to make your own decision.

When you visit us, you’ll be able to meet with our hospitality and transparent principles of company’s work. You will be glad to work with us.

2) If you come to Turkey by yourself inform us time of your arrival and place of your stay and we will arrange an appointment in one of our offices. During the time of your stay in Turkey our real estate consultant will be available for you.

As well as

Our team of professionals can prepare an independent assessment in Cadastral Management for additional payment. We can also prepare commercial offer and other services. (If you have bought real estate with the help of our company we don’t charge for the above services).

In Antalya region real estate (a house, plot of land, a country house or commercial) turns to cash in a very short time.

We are at your service! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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