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Arslanbucak – Kemer residential area at the distance of 2-4 km from the sea, and at the same distance from the Kemer center to the west and far in mainland. You should consider getting properties here if you are looking for excellent real estate. The beautiful  offers is as good as the ones that you will find here. It is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, which give strikingly beautiful mountain scenery. A lot of fruit and pine trees fill the air with scents of nature.

The increasing foreign buyers demand for real estate in Kemer led to the rapid area reclamation, the development of services and infrastructure of the European quality.

Arslanbudcak – an area whose residents are mostly Turks, but according to the growing popularity of the area, more and more property owners here are foreign citizens. Here are a lot of modern and comfortable complexes of villas, residential complexes with developed infrastructure facilities.

Transport connection are well developed. Buses start at 7:30 from Arslanbucak. During the season, from April to November, buses run every five minutes till 1 o’clock of the night. In winter every 10 -15 minutes until 10:30 pm. Fare: 50 -75 Kurus (cents). Foreigners who have bought a property here prefer to bike or walk by foot.

Many supermarkets and shops are open 24 hours, schools and kindergartens, health clinics and administrative offices  are located in Arslanbucak.

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