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Chamyuva is a small Turkish village and resort of international importance, located 9 km to the south of Kemer and 60 km away from the city of Antalya. The translation of the village name from Turkish language means “Pine Nest”. Comfortably located in a valley of the river Akva and surrounded by majestic Taurus mountains and pine forests, Chamyuva hospitably welcomes guests all year round and offers everything necessary for excellent rest. Here you can stroll through the small cozy streets, have delicious dinner in restaurants and bars, have fun at the disco, go for shopping to the souvenir shops, play tennis, or practice water-skiing, sailing or surfing.

Chamyuva almost immersed in the greenery. There are a lot of palms, oleanders, orange and pine trees in Chamyuva. The village is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by Taurus mountains. Before this village was an ordinary Turkish hamlet, surrounded by orange, tangerine and lemon groves. However, excellent location, mild climate and wonderful variety of landscape provided the active development of the tourism industry here. Soon a lot of big and small hotels, summer clubs, as well as the necessary infrastructure beach were built in the village. Now Chamyuva is conventionally divided into 2 zones: residential and resort.

In Chamyuva you can clearly view the peaks of Taurus Mountains. And the long shingle beaches and clear blue sea complement the unique atmosphere of local colour. A broad lane of pebble-sand beaches, warm turquoise sea, hot sun and the air filled with fragrances of gardens and pine trees make you forget about the bustle of the city and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of untouched nature. The beauty of Chamyuva landscapes won’t leave indifferent any traveler – you can admire the surroundings of the town for hours.

But the main attraction of Chamyuva is the “Paradise Bay”. One of the most beautiful places of the coast, “Paradise Bay” regularly attracts thousands of admiring glances. And it is not surprising, because it is untouched and very wild and beautiful nature place. Only in this water live special microorganisms, that by the movement of water emit soft glow. This is truly an unforgettable sight!

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